The Sufficiency Principle


Now back to the sufficiency principle: If your body needs 10 capsules worth of herbal food today and you only deliver 2 capsules worth, then the workers are 8 capsules worth of herbal nutrients short of being able to rebuild. Remember that for many of these materials your body is using materials every day just to maintain daily living. If you need 10 and you are using 4 capsules for daily needs of living and the other 6 of the 10 are supposed to be available to rebuild with. But if you are only bringing in 2 then you are running 2 short of meeting the daily needs and so you are creating a deficit. Your body takes this out of less critical areas that aren't needed to keep you alive but must be replaced later and before any rebuilding of broken down areas are taken care of.

You might ask, "How can I get enough? These herbs can be expensive!" Start with the basics and keep learning. Ensure first that you are putting your priority into learning how to eat only nourishing food so that the herbs you need are being used to rebuild and not to meet your core body needs for daily operation. Then look at the options for getting the herbs in sufficient amounts for the least cost. Can you grow your own? Grow as many as you can as they are available when you need them. This will ensure they are a regular part of your diet and food so your regular maintenance and rebuild is a part of your life.

Consider the options of different formats for getting the materials in the body. Remember that herbs are only needed during the rebuild. When your rebuild is completed you stop taking them. During a seventh week you will notice that you are completely well in that area. Stop taking the herbs for rebuilding that system. Then you are able to evaluate if you need to work on the next system that is weak.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Dr. Christopher Corporation. The conclusions I am sharing are from my own experience. This information is for education only and makes no claims of medical advice.