It is never too late to improve your wellbeing


I have witnessed individuals rebuild many years after one would have said it is too late. Is two years too long after an injury to rebuild? Is five years too long? Maybe 10 years is too long. But I have personally witnessed individuals who have had that challenge or problem for 12 or 15 years, and by applying the proper principles they were able to completely rebuild the damage.

Let me tell the story of Shane briefly. Shane was my neighbor and we talked over the back fence frequently. Shane walked with a significant limp from damage to his lower back and also had injuries to his upper back that caused his arm and hand to be partially paralyzed. The injury that paralyzed his leg had been from an injury 15 years prior. He asked if I would help him. We looked at all of the damage and found that there was a significant amount of damage to his back and to his nervous system. We identified what systems were damaged and identified what materials were needed to rebuild those damaged systems. Within a week of taking in sufficient materials he was feeling better. He was sleeping through the night, which he had not been able to do for 15 years. He was off of all pain medication that he had been on for 15 years after just one week. On his day off (more on the six and one principle later) he would feel the difference. For the first few weeks this one day off he was not sleeping as well but that quickly changed. By the end of the fifth week the damage to the nerves in his back that caused muscle paralysis in his leg was completely repaired. He had full muscle movement in his leg and foot. By the end of six months, he was running up and down the side of his daughters soccer field as he coached the team. That is just one example of someone rebuilding 15 years later.

You can take where you are at right now and by applying correct principles you can dramatically improve your own well-being as quickly as your body has the materials to rebuild. What are the right materials?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Dr. Christopher Corporation. The conclusions I am sharing are from my own experience. This information is for education only and makes no claims of medical advice.