Herbs are food and food is medicine

What are herbs? Herbs are simply whole plants that have the exact right micronutrients for rebuilding a certain system in the body. By understanding which system is damaged and by taking in the right micronutrients to repair that system your body has the ability to take care of itself. So back to herbs: herbs are simple food. A plant like purslane, which is thought of as a weed has a lot of nutrition for rebuilding. The same thing applies to food. Food is medicine. What you eat on a daily basis has the capacity or potential of rebuilding your health. Perfectly nutritious foods provide the core nutrition so that your body can take care of those rebuilding needs. For example if you have an opportunity to eat a very nutritious salad with all kinds of fresh, in season plants, this is bringing in rebuilding materials for your body. As we know, some foods (building materials) are more nutritious and nourishing than others. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Dr. Christopher Corporation. The conclusions I am sharing are from my own experience. This information is for education only and makes no claims of medical advice.