I Am the Acquisition Manager for My Body

You might be asking "But how do I know what materials are needed and how much?" Keep learning the principles. Your body is designed perfectly and is very forgiving. The workers are all working for you and are completely dedicated to your well being. They will serve you when you learn the principles and will begin making you well as you learn what materials are needed. You will feel better. Just keep trying and learning.

What does all that have to do with rebuilding my wellness? You are the Rebuild Foreman or Acquisition Manager of your own body- you manage the purchasing and placing materials for the work to be done. The amazing workers that make up our body and organic system do the rest.

You manage getting the proper materials for the job. Junk materials produce a no good finished product. You are responsible for cleaning the job site; it is called moderate exercise and adequate water intake. More on these principles later.

Food and herbs are building materials and need to be brought to the work site in proper amounts so that the work of rebuilding can progress. Whole plant herbal foods and whole plant foods provide the workers in your body with the proper raw materials to build a perfectly healthy body.

The Sufficiency principle works with the Wholesome Foods and In Season principle and ties to the Muscle Testing principle. You can know exactly the right amounts of materials by using muscle testing. Don't bring in too many materials or your workers must spend their time storing or cleaning out unneeded materials, even if they are first quality.

By eating whole foods or foods in their wholesome state that are in season you are meeting you basic body needs with the foods that you eat. Then the herbal foods you take to supplement are able to be used by your body to work on rebuilding the area that you are focused on. If you are not eating a wholesome diet, the herbs will instead be used to meet critical foundational needs for staying alive. Your body will prioritize and if the foods you are eating don't meet the critical nutritional needs the herbs will be used for those needs.

Let's say you are eating a very good wholesome and in season foods diet and meeting your core physical needs with what you eat. Now you are working on rebuilding a system of your body and taking some herbal food supplements targeted at helping that system rebuild. You can expect to experience progress as you diligently follow the program that you have set out for yourself if you are getting enough materials. This is where self muscle testing helps. You need to adjust what materials you bring in based on what the workers need that day. Remember you are the foreman or acquisition manager. Our needs for building/rebuilding the body are different from day to day and you need different materials at different phases of your building.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Dr. Christopher Corporation. The conclusions I am sharing are from my own experience. This information is for education only and makes no claims of medical advice.