What is muscle testing?


Our conscious mind is just part of our capacity, perhaps less than one percent. Our subconscious mind functions all the time to keep us alive by running all the amazing things our body does from keeping the breathing and heartbeat at the perfect level to controlling our hormones and a million other functions.

Our body knows what it needs and we can ask it if we are willing to learn the language. The muscle testing gives us a simple language to communicate with it. By simple language, I mean yes or no. Once you learn your bodies simple language you can ask anything that your body needs.

Examples of simple yes or no statements that can be answered with muscle testing techniques might be:

- This _____(supplement name) good for me?
- I need this ___(herb or food)___ right now.
- This __________ (name or look at the food) is what I need now?
- I need at least one capsule. (Then I need  two, then three until you get a no).  You can also state 1/2 capsule or smaller
- I need _____ (supplement name) to rebuild my __________(system or organ you are trying to rebuild)

To learn about muscle testing yourself search for videos using those words "muscle testing yourself". This link is to an hour long video that gives some options and introduces The Emotion Code with Bradley Nelson. https://discoverhealing.com/muscle-testing-video/ We use some of the principles that he teaches and find value in it.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Dr. Christopher Corporation. The conclusions I am sharing are from my own experience. This information is for education only and makes no claims of medical advice.