7 Week Wellness Empowerment Program

In this action-based seven (7) week program you can master the three skills and 21 principles that will dramatically improve your wellness. You will have the skills and habits to take charge of your wellness and that of your family for the rest of your life.This program puts you in control of maintaining your body.  You will have more energy and feel empowered with knowledge and skill.

Learn, master, and build on 21 wellness principles:

You will receive a new wellness principle in your email every 2-3 days throughout the program.  Some will be familiar to you and other may be new concepts to you.  You will master these principles through implementation and practice with challenges you select each week.

Develop three critical new skills

1 - A new language to communicate with your body

2 - Skills to lead your body in a “work with” method. 

2 - Ability to identify what foods are temple quality.  You bring in only the best quality materials and maintain (or rebuild) a fully functioning body

Weekly coaching sessions:

Each week you will meet with Fred for a coaching and follow-up session.   (In person or on-line)

Session 1. Understand your goals and needs and start on your most pressing issue. The first week, our focus is to ensure the program we design together thoroughly addresses your specific goals and needs. We will also outline how you can improve or correct your most pressing issue.  

Session 2. Body Temple Maintenance Assessment, The second session will jump start your wellness journey with a full assessment of how your body is functioning.  We will take a guided walk-through of your body temple, clear out anything that doesn’t help you, and reset all systems to work together.  Most people realize an immediate 10% or more boost to their wellness in this session. 

Sessions 3-6. You will learn a specific new skill and get support to master each previous skill or principle. The third session and onward is focused on putting you in charge of your wellness. We follow up on the previous week's progress, learn what is working and what support is needed, and teach the “skill of the week” which will build on the email principles you received. You are challenged to implement the new skill and make it a part of your wellness habits.

Session 7. You will have completed or dramatically improved your top priority physical challenge. We map out the first year of rebuilds so you continue to make improvements all year.  You will have the skills and knowledge to improve your wellness every year in the future.

Value and bonuses:

The value of the program is the benefit of saving you from surgery, doctor visits, tiredness, and pain.  How do you estimate the value of this?

This package provides you with $1499 in value if all priced separately. You receive $600 in bonuses and unlimited text or email support during the program. 

Total cost of the program is $899.  20% down ($179) is requested at signing and 6 equal weekly payments of $120. 

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